Your Guide To The Perfect Coffee With a French Press


I have been a huge coffee fan for as long as I can remember and sometimes I even need to try and tone down how much I am drinking, I really love it that much. I used to drink instant coffee but then after heading to local Starbucks and other cafes, I began to get a taste for something a little bit finer in terms of quality.

High quality coffee used to be difficult to make at home, regardless of what machines I used and then I found the perfect way of getting the high quality coffee that I was looking for, the French press coffee maker. If you have heard of this kitchen gadget but weren’t sure what it was or how you can use it, here is a quick guide for you, and why you need one in your life.


The basis of a coffee press, or a French press as it is sometimes known as, is a jug with a plunger and a filter. The French press is nothing more fancy than that but of course, varying brands will have different designs and styles, and use different materials for their press.

How it Works?

To make an outstanding coffee using this smart contraption, you simply need to throw in some coarsely ground beans and some hot water. Once you have done this, it is important that you give the coffee time to blend with the water, and then leave it to brew to your taste. Once you have finished mixing the coffee, it is time to plunge the filter down into the press to separate the granules of coffee that are left over, from the solution. Once you have plunged the coffee, simply serve your velvety and delicious brew.

Why Use a French Press?

The short answer as to why you should use a French press is because it tastes better. The reason behind the enhanced flavor is that the coarse coffee has more flavor than ground coffee, and the brew can be left for as long as you like, until you get the strength that you want.

Whilst the flavor is far superior to percolators and instant varieties of coffee, there are other benefits of using the French press.

  • It won’t break on its own
  • You won’t need to buy and replace paper filters
  • It looks incredibly classy
  • The press can retain the heat for a very long time after you have made the coffee

The Final Verdict

To round up, I believe that anyone who really enjoys a great cup of coffee, should ditch their machines and their instant granules, and instead opt for a French press. These presses are very easy to use, they look great and most importantly, they make the most amazing cup of coffee. I have used my French press at least twice per day since the day that I bought it and I am sure that you will do exactly the same with yours.