The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

We all know that Bitcoin is the world leader when it comes to Crypto Currency. It is a great investment to buy in to Bitcoin because many people predict that it’s value is going to keep increasing.

So what other good Crypto Currencies are out there right now? Here we look at ten other great investments in the world of Crypto Currency:


Charles Lee released this coin. Its purpose was to act as an alternative to Bitcoins. It’s very good when you are doing transactions of goods and amenities.


Menero is usually called an anonymous current – however, in reality it is not. This Crypto Currency is focusing on privacy protection. I would give it the seal of approval because it is one of the more stable currencies out there. People on the Internet that want to keep their identity disguised mostly use it.


This is a system that can be used by banks to transfer money extremely quickly and also reduce the transfer costs. It is likely to increase in price rapidly in 2018.


With Dash you can send payments anywhere anytime. It has slowly been rising in value in recent months. Looks like a very good investment for the future.


Zcash deals with the commercial system. It helps individuals to exchange Crypto Currencies privately on a safe platform.

Ethereum Classic

One of the more popular Crypto Currencies out there. It is one of 6 Crypto Currencies that Etoro has available on their platform to trade.


This is often called the oldest usable technology. It can be used in any domain. It is a block chain based document platform.


When you use IOTA there aren’t any charges on transactions and you have no fixed limit on the amount of transactions that one person can carry out. I would recommend heading to Bitfinex if you’re looking to buy or sell Iota.


Ethereum is a great coin to buy and is seen by many as one that could be able to rival Bitcoin in the future. The notable Vitalik Buterin created this fantastic coin. It helps people to interact directly with one another without the need/interference of a third party. I would highly recommend that you invest in Ethereum before the price increases drastically.


This is one of the number one funded coins out there on the market today. It was originally created in China. It is bringing in a new technique for monet to be registered, supplied and also dispersed. As with some of the other Crytpo Currencies above, I would highly recommend that you head to Bittrix to invest in this coin, it has some real potential!

Do you invest in Crypto Currency? I would love to hear how you’re doing and which you have invested in. Just pop your thoughts, tips and experiences in the comment section below this post. I am looking forward to reading everything you have to say, and hopefully picking up a great investment too!