The differences between employees and employers

There are always two different types of people in any given organization:

  • People with an employee mindset
  • People with an entrepreneurial mindset

So we have two categories of people with differing mindsets. Let’s take a look at the major differences between an employee and an entrepreneur.

Employees over think. Entrepreneurs get started without thinking

I have met many people, employees that hamper their growth by over thinking and trying to perfect their different skills. They often start doubting their strengths and ability, whereas they should be thinking positively. Entrepreneurs tend to know a bit about everything. This means they start a new task with little input. They don’t fall into the trap of trying to perfect themselves. They will firmly believe in improving themselves along their entrepreneurial journey.

Employees wait, entrepreneurs start without waiting for the right time

Employees will always have different excuses for not completing their tasks – they always keep putting off their targets. Whereas entrepreneurs have three things that make them want to get to work at any given time; love, patience and an abundance of dedication. They truly to understand that opportunities can be short lived, so they grab then and then formulate a plan.

Employees dream, entrepreneurs plan

It doesn’t matter how bug your plans may be, a dream that doesn’t have a plan to back it up has no real significance at all. I find that employees build castles in the sky. They always fantasize about getting out of the 9-5 lifestyle, having a luxury lifestyle. Entrepreneurs on the other hand will have a bulletproof plan on how they are going to shape their dreams. This is why they can proceed with a real strategy.

Employees and Entrepreneurs look at failure differently

Failure at some point in your life, at work or home, is pretty much nailed on to happen. The key thing is how we deal with the failure and move forward. If you’re not ready to deal with failure, then you certainly won’t be able to come up with new and fresh ideas. The employee mindsets will lack confidence when they are struggling – they view failure as the end of the road. Entrepreneurs tend to see a failure as a new opportunity presenting itself. When they are knocked by by failure, they do not simply crumble and lose all enthusiasm. They actually improve when they are struggling.

Hard work vs. Smart work

Employees are always finding the best way to get in with the boss. They think by doing a lot of good work, having files stack up their desk, that they will get ahead. Entrepreneurs tend to look at work differently; they classify their tasks by Urgent and Not Urgent. They follow a very simple principle that was drawn on by Pareto – you should do 20 percent of the tasks that generate you 80 percent of the results.

SO those are some key differences between an employee and an entrepreneur – which one are you?