Don't work harder, work smarter

Think Wise is a group of college friends who always believed in working smarter, not necessarily harder. We spend far too long drinking beers and studying charts and diagrams about trading, about start-ups, about foreign exchange, we made money, we lost money and so we decided to create Think Wise to showcase both our journey, to share our successes (and your failures) and help you guys succeed along the way.

Check out all our tabs at the top depending on what it is you guys are trying to ‘Think Wise’ with. For me, Herby, I’m focused on online marketing and FX. The internet isn’t going away, so if you can learn to leverage your knowledge there, that will be worth progressively more as we get older. So my advice is to study up, marketing, search engine optimisation, link building and focus your efforts on that.

What we at Think Wise suggest is that you focus less on selling your time and more on passive income, something scalable. It’s a finite reality that selling your time can only take you so far, financial freedom will never be within your grasp if you’re working for the man. So set yourself free, and let us help you on your journey.

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